Hot Tub PH Sensor System

This blog post, will describe the process of building out a Hot Tub PH monitoring system.There will be four sections:Raspberry Pi PH CircuitC software to store PH data to PostgreSQL Database (coming soon) Node.js REST API to obtain PH data from PostgreSQL Database. (coming soon)React Frontend »

Raspberry Pi PH Circuit

Raspberry Pi PH Circuit The first section of this project was building the Circuit which would be used to pull the PH from the Hot Tub's water. To build the circuit, I settled on a Raspberry Pi Zero v1, and not the newer Raspberry Pi Zero W. The sensor which »

JSON Parsing in Bash

About a month ago, I needed to parse JSON from in Bash scripts. This was an interesting problem/challenge, enter ./jq. jq is a sed like tool for JSON data, that can be used to parse JSON, from the command line, and from within Bash scripts. jq is written in »

REST API Boilerplate (Node.js + Express)

A few years ago, I was working with a Raspberry Pi with a Z-Wave adapter to talk to z-wave enabled devices, such as switches, dimmers, and door locks. I needed a method of keeping track and manipulating user account details, which seemed like the perfect time for me to create »